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Instantly remove backgrounds from up to 50 images at a timewith PackPic’s image background remover. Effortlessly eliminate the background or replace it with another image or color as if by magic.

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Unleash precision features for background removal

Effortless precision with quality maintained

Unlike clunky tools, PackPic's AI-powered background removal lets you erase entire backgrounds or unwanted objects with surgical accuracy. Maintain stunning quality while achieving a clean, focused image.

Effortless Precision with Quality Maintained

Unwanted objects be gone beyond basic removal

Go beyond the ordinary! PackPic isn't just about removing backgrounds. Precisely eliminate unwanted details like people, objects, animals, or even pesky photobombers - all without sacrificing image quality.

Unwanted Objects Be Gone Beyond Basic Removal

Color & image swap with chroma key creativity

Feeling adventurous? PackPic's Chroma Key functionality (available in premium plans) lets you replace your removed background with a new image or even a solid color. Unleash your creativity and create captivating visuals for social media, marketing materials, and more!

Swap with Chroma Key Creativity

Supercharge benefits with background removal

AI-Powered Precision

AI-powered precision

PackPic's intelligent algorithms do the heavy lifting. Simply upload your image and let our AI remove the background with remarkable accuracy. No more painstaking manual work - focus on unleashing your creative vision!

Beyond Basic Removal

Beyond basic removal

Want to remove more than just the background? PackPic's advanced edge detection technology allows you to eliminate specific objects, people, or anything detracting from your image. Achieve a perfectly focused and clear final product with surgical precision.

Batch Background Removal

Batch background removal

PackPic streamlines your workflow! This innovative tool utilizes powerful AI to automatically remove backgrounds from entire batches of PNG images at once. Simply upload your photos and let PackPic handle the heavy lifting.

Explore possibilities of PackPic background remover

Unwanted backgrounds? Remove them for cleaner visuals, product focus, flawless edits, and creative freedom!

Professional Product Displays

Professional product displays

Showcase your products in all their glory! PackPic removes cluttered backgrounds from product photos, creating clean and professional images that boost trust and conversions on your e-commerce website, Facebook marketplace, or advertisements.

Elevating Logos & Brands

Elevating logos & brands

Craft a strong brand identity with captivating logos and trademarks. PackPic allows you to remove backgrounds from brand elements, allowing for easy integration into various designs. Get inspired by our ready-to-use templates or create a unique logo from scratch.

Fixing Photo Flaws

Fixing photo flaws

Let's face it, life isn't always picture-perfect. Unwanted objects or photobombers can ruin a great shot. PackPic's high-precision edge detection technology powered by AI comes to the rescue! Effortlessly remove those distractions and reclaim your perfect photo with surgical precision.

Achieve erase backgrounds in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Upload your image

No need to create accounts or navigate complex menus. Simply drag and drop your photo directly onto the PackPic interface. You can also upload images from your Cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox for added convenience.

Step 2: remove background by AI

Say goodbye to tedious selection tools! PackPic's intelligent algorithms automatically detect your image subject. With a single click on the "Background Removal" button, the distracting background vanishes, leaving you with a clean and focused image.

Step 3: Download and shine

Ready to share your masterpiece? Click "Export" to download your perfectly edited image. Choose your preferred file format and resolution for ultimate customization. PackPic makes saving and sharing your background-free image a breeze!

Step 1: Upload your image

Step 1: Upload your image

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need any design experience to use PackPic's background removal tool?

Absolutely not! PackPic is designed for users of all skill levels. The intuitive interface and automatic background detection make it incredibly user-friendly.

2. What happens if the automatic background removal isn't perfect?

No worries! PackPic allows for manual adjustments. If there are any areas where the background wasn't fully removed, you can utilize the refine tool for precise editing and achieve the desired result.

3. Can I replace the removed background with a different image or color?

Yes indeed! PackPic offers creative freedom. You can choose to replace the background with a solid color, upload a new image, or even leave your subject transparent for endless design possibilities.

4. Is the free plan enough for my needs?

The free plan offers a generous amount of background removal credits per month. However, for high-volume users or those requiring additional features like batch editing, premium plans offer increased limits and functionalities.

Remove up to 50 backgrounds in 1 click

packpicRemove up to 50 backgrounds in 1 click


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